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Welcome to Dr Jonwals

Dr Jonwals NAP Therapy – Advance Panchkarm. Which Corrects Maintains Harmony of Body-Stomach, Brain-Hormones, Mind-Soul, Allergy-Immunity, Degeneration-Nourishment for GOOD Health. Synchronization of all is successfully maintained for Wellness. Disease Control - Cure, Prevention Health Preservation are attain simultaneously Successfully.

Our Journey

Journey of Research starts in early 1988 with challenges of treating multiple chronic degenerative diseases.
Modern treatment are only symptomatic, no cure. Long term treatments causing side effects of Medicines Complications too. People are rushing to Ayurveda as last Hope in terminal stage.
In fact there are two big challenges:-
a) Treatment of multiple diseases,
b) Fast Control n Cure of Diseases – Root causes of Diseases – Side Effects of Long medications.
We determine to fulfill this both needs of Society through Ayurveda, Panchkarm, Yoga, Food Therapy Lifestyle Modification.
Extensive Clinical research work started in fields of :-
Herbal Medicine Formulation, Oils, Medicine Treatments, Panchkarm, Food, Lifestyle, Therapeutic yoga, Electro Acupuncture- TENS. We

Building Trust

Honesty is our Identity Faith is nurtured to TRUST by Sincerity, Honesty, Scientific Treatment, Fast Results, Medical Education & Awareness.
Assured results & Best possible available treatment to cure is Sole of Success.
Our Pillars for Building trust are well experienced highly qualified MD Doctors team, Caring, Soft Spoken, Professional, in house trained Therapists.
Professional Front & Back office Staff, Effective Herbal formulations & Dr. Jonwals NAP Therapy – Advance Panchkarm.
● Respect is earned ● Honesty is appreciated ● Trust is gained ● Loyalty is returned.
We at Dr. Jonwals Hospital don’t want our patients to have blind faith, we believe in building trust, forming strong bonds and delivering desired results. Which will give long term benefits with qualified experienced doctors, and a patient friendly staff we strive to get you the best possible results.
We certainly convert your faith into Trust.

Improving Lives

Dr. Jonwals NAP Therapy is committed for improving Lives. All Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health are gain successfully.
We bring smiles on faces by reliving sufferings of many years. We control, Cure diseases & ensure good health. We certainly help all people to come out of marsh of multiple diseases. Enjoy healthy life like phoenix.
You are one decision away from Healthy life.
‘Our motto is creating better health, changing lives.’
Pain to Smile, Old to Young, Degeneration to Rejuvenation.